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NEW OR USED MART & STINGRAY PARTS WASHER: Whether your MART Power Washer or StingRay Parts Washer parts cleaning system is new or used, StingRay Tech Services is available to help you with setup, training, parts, retrofits or anything else required to maximize the benefits of your washer. Our technical assistance is free, so you are encouraged to contact us for help.

StingRay Tech Services is continuously developing new retrofits and upgrades for used MART Parts Washers and StingRay Parts Washers. Many used MART washers are placed into new parts cleaning applications that they were not originally configured to handle.  Likewise the technology that was required of the used MART washer did not exist at the time of construction.  StingRay Tech Services can add the new features and make changes to used MART parts washers.  This work can be done in the field or at the StingRay factory. Common conversions include converting among the standard heat sources of electric heat, steam heat or gas heat, changes to the machine operating voltage, adding a modern control panel or the addition of an oil skimmer or automatic rinse system.

Preventative Maintenance Programs:
6 month scheduled performed by trained StingRay service technicians can uncover potentially costly downtime before it happens. Our detailed inspections report keep you informed about your cleaning machine and capture your professional maintenance record (potentially adding value to the resale of your equipment). Downtime is expensive, and in most cases, preventable. A preventative maintenance program lets you schedule repairs when it is convenient, and without interruption to production.

FREE Tech Service Courtesy Call:
Many times when a StingRay Tech Services Technician is in your area you will be called to ask if you would like a free courtesy call. During a courtesy call the Technician will inspect your parts washer and determine its operational readiness.

StingRay Parts Washer Free Courtesy Visit Checklist

The technician will provide you with a free parts washer inspection checklist of your parts washer’s condition and recommend any maintenance work that may be needed to return it to peak performance. The technician may also suggest steps you can take to improve your cleaning operation and improve the results you are getting with your parts washer. This service is FREE. Call us to request a Courtesy visit for the next time one of our technicians is in your area. We will note the request in your file and call you to schedule an appointment at the earliest possible time.

Reasons for Courtesy Visit:

1. Courtesy Visit are Free – no cost and no obligation. All we ask is for access to the machine. In many cases our Tech has traveled a long way to make this visit possible.
2. We will show your operators the 4 basic daily maintenance items that will prevent 82% of the problems with the washer.
3. Our Technician will provide basic operator training to your employees at no cost.
4. We provide tips and pointers about how to use the equipment properly and how to achieve better cleaning results. Answer any questions you may have about the equipment or about any problems you are experiencing. Many customers find this information extremely valuable.
5. Our Tech will explain methods of positioning parts to maximize cleaning and explain methods of anchoring and securing parts.
6. Share information gathered from hundreds of other visits to operations that do similar work to yours. One small bit of information could solve a problem for you.
7. Learn ways to save money and improve results. Our service technicians have seen many other operations and can share the information they have learned so that you can benefit with useful time and money saving operational tips and processes.
8. Learn how to titrate your chemical and save on chemical cost and improve your cleaning.
9. A washer inspection performed by our trained service technician can uncover potentially costly downtime before it happens. Our detailed inspection report keeps you informed about your equipment . Downtime is expensive, and in most cases, preventable. A preventative maintenance program lets you schedule repairs when it is convenient, and without interruption to production.
10. Answer your cleaning questions or get you in contact with StingRay Parts Washers Engineering Team who can help you with any cleaning problem.
11. Prepare a report on the condition of your machine and any recommended maintenance items that will improve your results to save you money.
12. If your wash cycles are getting longer or your parts are not as clean as you had in the past, our Tech can make sure everything is working properly to give you the best cleaning.
13. Is there any rust in the cabinet or reservoir? – Our service Technician can come in and explain to you why and tell you what to do to prevent further damage to your washer.
14. If your machine is older, we can check to see if parts for your machine are still available and suggest alternatives to prevent downtime in the future.
15. Helps us maintain our records on your equipment so we can better serve any future needs you may have. Capturing your professional maintenance record potentially adds value to the resale of your equipment and helps us work with you to solve problems.

StingRay Parts Washer Start-up & Training

StingRay Tech Services START-UP

The Field Startup Procedure is conducted on-site by a factory trained and authorized StingRay Service Technician.  The start-up can only occur after the Parts Washer is installed and services are connected to the system. Simply provide our StingRay Customer Care Specialist with your completed prestart-up checklist, installation photos to begin the scheduling process.

NOTE: If the Washer’s heat source is natural gas or propane, be sure to schedule the local gas company or boiler technician will need to check operating parameters of the gas burner to ensure compliance with local codes. The gas technician or boiler technician will need to perform a combustion  flue gas analysis and make stack temperature readings as well as measure incoming gas pressures.  The gas technician or boiler technician will adjust the burner operation as outlined in the Operating manual and Gas Burner Manuals.

Following is a summary of the on-site services performed by the StingRay Tech Services Field Technician during a start-up:

INSPECTION:  Technician inspects the Parts Washer shipping damage both visible and hidden; he inspects the installation and verifies that all utilities are properly connected; including verification of the incoming voltage. The Technician checks all electrical and other critical connections on the parts washer; inspects the installation of Steam Exhaust Venturi and Blower and piping and gas flue, will make adjustments and settings as required, measures and records amp draws and voltages of all circuits and compares them against factory final inspection test results and makes any setting adjustments as required. Our factory Technician also checks for proper leveling of the machine and for proper machine base shims and anchoring; verifies the utility input connections of heat, air, water, and electrical grounding; checks utility output connections including the Steam Exhaust,  gas flue and system drain. StingRay Tech Technician checks for proper lubrication and verifies the water level control system is functioning as designed.

StingRay Technician fills Washer with water and verifies all control settings and proper operation of the water fill system. Cchecks the wash pump and other 3 phase motors for correct rotation. Starts the heating system, setting the timers, controls and measuring and recording system heating performance.  After the water fill is completed and adds the appropriate amount of detergent and operationally cycles the machine to confirm that all systems are operational. The technician records operation of all systems in the Field Start-up 6 page Report.

TRAINING: Factory Trained StingRay Service Technician will then teach all operators and supervisory personnel as follows: A 42 minute Operator & Maintenance Training Video is shown followed by a question and answer period. Our Technician then takes the students to the washing machine and conducts training on basic operation and the Four basic daily maintenance tasks,

The technician demonstrates how to add detergent and provides information on the Safety Data Sheet (SDS).

Our trainer demonstrates the proper techniques for securing parts for washing; demonstrates the basic use of controls and function of each optional accessory of the Parts Washer; he demonstrates the functions and operation by actually washing your parts; and demonstrates proper unloading of cleaned parts for inspection. A number of loads and basket loads will be washed and inspected, followed by a question and answer session.

Service and maintenance people are then trained on detailed process controls and non-operator maintenance. The Parts Washer Operating manual is thoroughly reviewed section-by-section including operations, theory, maintenance, troubleshooting and installation.  The session concludes with information on utilizing StingRay Tech Services Support systems to maintain the Parts Washer reliability and warranty.  After the start-up is completes the StingRay Technician certifies the installation, provides a written Field Start-up Report and initiates the Factory Warranty.


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