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MART Tech Services knows that the parts washer and cleaning machines are a key component in a rebuilding or new manufacturing operations, thus maximum uptime is critical. If your parts washer is broken down, your operation is effectively out of business. There is no work around for the parts cleaning. Our goal is to provide standard repair and replacement parts for your parts washer within 24 hours. 95% of our repair parts are shipped the same day you order.  Many times your critical replacement parts order received by 4:30 PM Central time can be in your hands the next morning.

We also offer spare parts kits in 1,3, & 5 year packages for critical parts washer components to maintain operation of the parts washer. These kits are designed to keep the critical functions of the parts washer operating during an emergency until adequate replacement parts can be obtained. Our service technicians will design a kit specific for your MART or StingRay washer. This gives you the advantage of having the parts in stock for a critical repair or general maintenance. These kits save you lost time in production and reduce next day shipping costs.

MART Tech Services maintains an extensive inventory of repair and replacement parts for every StingRay Parts Washer and even for MART Parts Washers built 34 years ago. Other MART Washer and StingRay Parts Washer repair parts are readily available from the stock of  MART Tech Service's suppliers. If a repair part or replacement part installed on an older model parts washer is no longer manufactured, StingRay Factory Engineering makes every effort to determined a viable replacement repair part that is available and MART Tech Services can obtain the parts and provide instructions to the washer owner for its installation.

Servicing our MART Washer and StingRay Washer users with replacement parts and  repair parts is our only business. When a MART or StingRay Parts Washer needs repair work or replacement parts call MART Tech Services. Our factory trained service technicians thoroughly understand MART and StingRay Parts Washers.  Our factory trained service technicians are knowledgeable from the experience of seeing many cleaning operations so they can provide useful tips and techniques to maximize the benefits of your cleaning operations.  Our telephone support service is free to all owners of MART and StingRay parts washers. Call MART Tech, our service technicians answer the telephone.


  • Expert parts washer knowledge and free troubleshooting assistance.
  • The convenience and confidence of dealing with people who are knowledgeable about your parts cleaning problems and provide solutions to those cleaning issues.
  • Communicate with people who have experience dealing with the same problems from other MART or StingRay parts washer users.
  • Learn solutions and techniques that other MART and StingRay washer users in your industry are using to cut costs and improve their operations.
  • Free telephone support and telephone troubleshooting for MART & Stingray parts washers.
  • Free training and assistance on all MART and StingRay parts washers.
  • Advice on environmental and safety issues with aqueous parts cleaning.
  • Advice and recommendations on Parts Washer cleaning performance and parts cleaning detergents, soaps, chemicals and rust prevention.
  • Quick ship from stock of critical repair parts to assure short down time and maximum productivity from the parts cleaning machine.
  • Other companies provide general machinery services but they don’t have the specific technical knowledge of MART Power Washers, StingRay Parts Washers and parts cleaning.
  • We have the records of the originally supplied parts and components on the MART Power Washer and StingRay Parts Washer. Electrical schematics, wiring diagrams, list of component parts, bill of materials and assembly drawings.
  • We have a database of the complete history of service for each parts washer MART or StingRay built, plus any ongoing technical service issues or parts cleaning issues.
  • We have the replacement parts and repair parts in stock for immediate shipment to parts washer owners.
  • We keep you informed about new developments in parts cleaning and about any improvements available for your washing machine.
  • We capture your professional maintenance record for your MART or StingRay parts washer. (potentially adding value to the resale to your equipment).

Generally, spare parts are items that a user purchases for preventative maintenance and to minimize down time. These parts have not failed but are likely candidates to fail causing the cleaning equipment to fail to provide its intended purpose. MART Tech Services provides you a list of spare parts at no cost for your specific parts washer.

Consumables are items that are used up on a continuous basis by a parts washer user during parts washer operation. These items include Power Kleen chemical detergents and rust preventatives, Lubriplate grease, replacement parts washer nozzles, Magic Dust flocculating chemical for waste water processing and filter media.

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