MART Tech Services Testimonials

Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2012
Subject: : Updated Quote StingRay Modification


Thanks so much.  I wanted to let you know what an excellent job Paul did.  Our maintenance crafts were very impressed by his knowledge and patience.  Please send our regards.  Also, we would like to get a quote on a permanent rinse system installation by MART TECH.  No rush.  Please advise at your convenience.

Thank You,
Brian L.
Tech Services Engineer
Westinghouse SMP

Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2011
Subject: Stingray modifications

I wanted to thank you and your team for your assistance in making the modifications requested to the parts washer. The results exceeded my expectations and production management is very pleased with the results.

I want to mention that Paul did a great job, very professional and all work completed in a timely manner. His assistance in fine tuning the operations to meet our requirements are greatly appreciated. Was a pleasure working with him.

Best regards,

Rick C.
Plant Facilities 
Maintenance Supervisor
Meggitt Aircraft Braking

Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2010
Subject: Mart Washer

Production Team Leader - Component Shops

DATE: Thu, 29 Jan 2009


I have not had time to digest or discuss the Field Service Report I have just received from you.

I just want you know how much benefit we got from Paul being here. Even one of our people who knows everything was listening - and learning.

Over the years I have been with a number of tech reps. I can assure MART Tech that they have one of the best.

I will be back to you soon on the report.

Many thanks,

Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2007
Subject: New Mart a Success

Installed the new MART parts washing machine and it is operational and doing a great job cleaning our parts.  We had a few glitches during installation but Doyle from MART Tech Services was very helpful with answering our questions and putting us on the right track.  Thanks for your help and share this thanks with Doyle when you see him.  Also share our thanks for what appears to be a very good job with manufacturing the MART Parts Washer.

Ryder Rebuild Center
Pennsburg, PA

Just a quick note thanking you and MART Tech Services for the OUTSTANDING SERVICE less than 24 hrs ago our MART parts washer went down and with one e-mail and 16 hrs later B&G Machine is up and running again.

Thanks again

David B
Shop Manager
B&G Machine

DATE: 05 Sep 2006

RE:   Re: MART Parts Washer Bulletin RE: Preventing Cabinet Corrosion

I think the parts washer support you are offering through email is great.  Keep up the good work.  It really does help.

Brithnee Electric

Just a word of thanks for getting the washer repair parts to us so quickly. We received the washer parts on Monday 31st July.

Regards Michael

Michael P
Business Manager
Wheel & Brake Services
Aircraft Wheels & Brakes Division
Goodrich Aerospace


Thank You for asking how our parts washer repair service was done here at Stewart & Stevenson. I do have a few commits; I feel you should know.

The Service Technician that was here was David A. Byrd Jr.. This is one knowledgeable person on both our MART part washers. His willingness and ability to repair both parts washers (Hurricane and Tornado) in the time frame set, plus within the cost of the quote was excellent.

David was willing to stop and answer all my questions on maintenance and how these parts washer should work. I feel the value we received from David being here to repair our washers plus the questions about cleaning and maintenance he answered was well worth the cost.

This is the first time in 2 years that both part washers are working and cleaning parts at the same time; this is outstanding.

Thank You

Gary F. W
Product Support Group Leader

We are pleased with the repair service that Patrick L. has given us.  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brian P
Chromium Corporation

I want to take a moment to express my thanks to the Tech
Support at MART Corporation for all of their help in keeping my older
model MART 30 parts washer running.

Finding someone who can service this type of parts cleaning equipment in my area of the
country is next to impossible, so most of the repair, maintenance and
troubleshooting is left up to me and I would be completely lost without
the great help from your excellent customer support staff.

Thank You,
Terry M

RE: MART Tech Service Bulletin: Make certain you are Getting Top Performance

The repair and service information that you provide is very helpful and the parts washer is
working outstanding. I can not say enough about how well the Mart Parts Washer
works. Please continue to have me on your tips and techniques Service Bulletin list for any more

A City Metro Transit Authority

 Re: MART Parts Washer Bulletin: Cost of Not Maintaining your MART

Thanks for including me in your Service Bulletin mailings. I always find the replacement parts, repair and preventative maintenance information very useful and helpful.....keep them coming. I rated it a 5 out of 5.

Sincerely, Donna
Cooper Bearings

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